Along the Marlinger Waalweg

Easy hike along the 'Marlinger Waalweg', the 'Marlinger Waalweg', a fascinating world that is slowly becoming extinct.

In all Alpine regions where rainfall is scarce, techniques and cultures have developed over the centuries to capture, transport and distribute water, mainly for agricultural use. In the province of Bolzano, but particularly in the Vinschgau Valley, one of the most functional water networks in the whole of the Alps has developed over time, with kilometres of pipelines dug into the earth or rock, the so-called "waale".

The one we are proposing here is certainly one of the most beautiful, as it offers a spectacular view of the surrounding peaks, crosses a wonderful man-made landscape where meadows and woods alternate with vineyards and orchards, and enjoys a wonderful view of the Merano basin and the imposing Tessa mountain range.

  • Length km. 4,00 approx.
  • Altitude difference in descent approx. 300 m
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours

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