The word “folklore” may not be enough to understand all the century-old traditions and customs handed on from generation to generation. Every village has his own band, folk-dance group – choir  - traditional costume; in every season it is possible to be present at one of these folk-cultural celebration.

Some of them have become very famous along the years. In spring: the “Traditional flower show” in Bolzano – in summer:  the “Speck fair” in St. Maddalena in Funes Valley – in autumn: the “Grape Festival” in Merano, this event  and its Folkloric Parade drows thousandsof tourists from the Alpine area - the “South Tyrolian Bread and Strudel Market” in Bressanone – in winter: the “Snow Sculpture Festival” in S. Candido. And how to forget the open-air concerts in the  heartof the Botanic Garden of Castle Trauttmansdorff; this World Music Festival is considered, at present,one of the most important in Italy.


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